Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems

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Name and describe various categories of e-commerce?

There are a lot of different kings of e-commerce in different categories. There are a few that are most common that people would use and they are consumer to consumer, business to business, business to consumer, and m-commerce. Starting with the first one consumer to consumer: this is where consumers want to sell their products to another consumer. Example someone trying to sell t-shirts to someone that is a part of their upcoming business to promote their brand. The next one is business to business. Business to business selling is where businesses want to sell good or services to another business. For example at my job we are using Cisco phones. So cisco came in trying to sell us their phones because they are better for the type of work that we do. Business to consumer is when a business tries to sell to an individual buyer. And M-commerce is when people make purchases with a hand-held device.

Compare and contrast electronic payment systems. Which type do you use most often? Which type is most applicable for organizations you interact with regularly?

The electronic payment systems that are used now are credit card payment systems, micro payment systems, a digital wallet, cellphones, digital checking systems, accumulated balance digital payment systems, and systems for digital checking. The one that I use most often is credit card payment systems. This is where the credit card company sends information to the merchant and the processing banks, protected by the payment processing systems. Google checkout uses a digital wallet system but I haven’t had any experience with that. I don’t buy music online or anything but a micro payment system can be used for a small single download.

Explain how Internet technology supports business to business e-commerce.

Internet technology has changed business to business e-commerce over time due to the exchanging data or information over the internet. You are...

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