Analysis of Establishing Ground Rules

Analysis of Establishing Ground Rules

4. Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others. (Word Count 250-350)

Firstly it is necessary to explain what ground rules are and why they are needed

Most people are used to following rules in all walks of life and are not always able to question or change them. In a working group environment it would be more effective if the ground rules were established by the group so that each member takes ownership of the rules ensuring that everyone takes personal responsibility for their own and the groups behaviour and ensure respect for all and will have more impact when referred to if the need arises.

It should also be shown how these help the group by emphasising that working together as a team and being mindful of the ground rules will ensure that the group feels safe when expressing their views, relating personal experiences or making mistakes and that working in a happy and relaxed atmosphere makes the course enjoyable and the group successful in learning the work.

There are different ways in which the ground rules can be produced.

The Trainer can set out their expectations of the group and invite them to set out what they expect from you and group members.

Existing ground rules can be brought to be discussed whereby they can be added to or changed where the group and the Trainer feels it is appropriate.

Allow the group to make their own ground rules with Trainer input and clarification, to ensure that the rules are understood by everyone and that each person has made a contribution and agrees with them.

Which ever way is chosen, it is important that the group understands the ground rules are simply to make their lives easier by ensuring that each member understands that their behaviour will affect the group, whether it be in a positive or a negative way and that everyone deserves respect.

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