Analysis of factors affecting e-loyalty of cricinfo web users

Analysis of factors affecting e-loyalty of cricinfo web users

Analysis of factors affecting E-Loyalty of Cricinfo website users

Aneesh K Saju


The website is now an important marketing tool for sport organizations. The purpose of this study was to examine theoretical relationships between key variables of online sport consumption behaviour such as sport consumers’ perceptions of sport website quality, satisfaction, and behavioural loyalty to the websites. Here we also examine the mediating effect of e-satisfaction between website quality and e-loyalty. The results of data analyses using structural equation model tests showed that loyalty to a sports website is likely to happen as sport fans developed positive perceptions and satisfaction with the website. The results also revealed that consumer e-satisfaction is an important mediating variable between sport website quality and e-loyalty.

The Internet is now a great communication medium and provides a significant marketing tool for the sport industry. The popularity and growth of online sport consumption suggests a great opportunity for sport-related marketers to effectively use the Internet as a key component within an overall marketing strategy. To successfully make use of the opportunities that the Internet affords to an organization, it is vital that organizations gain a proper understanding of online sport fan behavior. Even though prior academic studies have highlighted the significance of understanding various aspects of online sport fan behavior a more comprehensive and systematic analysis of online sport fan perceptions and behavior is warranted. So that better guidance for improving website design can be provided to an organization that serves online sport consumers

Two research questions served as a guide for this research study:
How do sport consumers’ perceptions of SWQ influence their level...

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