Analysis of Hannibal Lecter

Analysis of Hannibal Lecter

Surely there are more than two sides to the coin that is Dr. Hannibal Lecter. This extraordinary character is absolutely rank with controversy, and I’m hoping in this analysis I bring less doubt rather than more confusion.

Since the young age of ten, Dr. Lecter has been victim to surreal horrors. He has had his parents kidnapped and killed and seen everything he once possessed taken away from him and ripped to shreds. It is suspected that the young Hannibal died along the same forest where his sister Mischa was murdered and eaten by the same captors who inflicted so much terror on his parents. After this ordeal, Hannibal grows to live with his father’s brother and his Japanese wife [who Hannibal later falls for]. Hannibal grows to be highly intelligent and shows signs of psychopathic behavior when he kills a man who insulted his uncle’s wife. The murder was quick but brutal, cutting him up from the chest.

He shows signs of a megalomaniac and a pessimistic philosophy, as he has this delusional sense of omnipotence where he believes that he’s god, perchance the given opportunity. He only attacks those who are rude or inconsiderate, which shows idealism because he is trying to eradicate the world of such insolence.

His intolerance of wrong behavior is not evident due to his monotonous attitude. When human beings interact, their language and behavior is compartmentalized by an unconscious code of ethics, and that is talking about human beings en Toto. That means, you treat your boss a certain way, your coworkers a certain way and your family a certain way. Dr. Lecter on the other hand, is simple in his complexities. His banter is simple, yet it manages to twist tales around you, as he did so well with Clarice Starling. Whether Hannibal favors you over another, you would never know, why, he treated his alleged partner the same as a man he killed and ate.

Dr. Lecter’s character releases a conflict of emotions, an archetypal and simple external...

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