Analysis of Income Influence on Single Family House Price in Denmark

Analysis of Income Influence on Single Family House Price in Denmark

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Financial Management programme
1st semester 2009

Methodology Project

Analysis of income influence on single family house price in Denmark

The report has been prepared by group 3:


Delivery date: 29 October 2009

Number of words: 1.904


Preface 2
1.Introduction 3
2. Problem Statement 4
3. Motivation for the Choice of Problem Statement 4
4. Delimitation 4
5. Method 4
6. Analysis of income and single family house price changes 5
7. Conclusion 8
8. List of sources and literature 9


Our group wants to thank all people who helped us and especially to our teachers Nina Røhr Rimmer and Anne Lassen for given advices and suggestions how to work with this report. We appreciate all given information and we are happy that there are obliging people who can help to cope with the difficulties. We also want to thank the library for given directions where to find the information. Our group hope that this report will be useful and interesting for those who will read it.


There is a lot of property development going on in Denmark and an increasing number of properties will be available in the near future. But it is not a simple process to buy a property here. Availability of property is never guaranteed, and prices largely depend on the type of property you are looking for and where it is located. The income is one of the critical indicators which affects the price of real estate.
The purpose of this report is to analyse the influence of increasing personal income to
single family house prices in Denmark. This type of housing constitute a large part of the Danish housing mass, as of 2008 there were 1,076,634 single-family houses, 96 percent of these were owner occupied according to Statistics Denmark[1]. The total Danish housing stock was 2,710,297 dwellings in 2008, so the single-family house accounts for 40 percent of housing in Denmark. The situation of single family house...

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