Analysis of Slim

Analysis of Slim

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a) In this extract Steinbeck presents Slim as an almost priest- like authority figure: ‘the prince of the ranch’, with hands that moved like a ‘temple dancer’. This use of imagery (similie) makes him seem most clear sighted, most correct and most like the author’s point of view of all charcters. Through Steinbeck’s use of adjectives like ‘tall’, ‘lean’ and ‘delicate’ the reader feels inclined to see Slim as the masculine ideal. He wears a ‘Stetson hat’ and ‘blue jeans’ which was the typical fashion of the time. Furthermore when the reader firsts meets him he is combing his ‘long, black, damp hair straight back’ showing the reader that he is clean and well groomed. He fits the image of the “tall, dark and handsome” man that every woman is looking for with his ‘hatchet face’ that never ages. This timelessness coupled with his ‘majesty’ give him an air of mystery and heroism that was being promoted in movies at the time as Hollywood began to establish itself.

Additionally Steinbeck describes him as ‘so great that his word was taken on any subject’ and ‘his ear heard more than was said to him’. This makes the reader see him as the personification of natural, honest authority; as a wise man that has ‘understanding beyond thought’. Therefore due to him being presented like a hero that has such admirable qualities the reader is influenced to like him and see him as a good guy, as a hero.

Furthermore in the extract, the reader gets to see Slim’s compassion for themselves. When ‘he looked kindly at the two in the bunk house’ and said to George ‘hope you get on my team’ gently is further proof to the reader that Slim is genuinely a good person reassuring the reader that it is right to like him.

In conclusion, I personally think the reason why readers seem so inclined to like Slim is because he is the first person in the novella to appear to be a really nice person. Without Slim in the novella, our picture of working men in the novella would be rather grim. He...

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