Analysis of the Balance of Payments of the Netherlands

Analysis of the Balance of Payments of the Netherlands

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Analysis of the Balance Of Payments of the Netherlands
The economy of the Netherlands is the one of the most internationally oriented economies in the world because of its %50 of GDP’s includes the Dutch exports and imports transactions. Economic expansion of the Netherlands in the period immediately after World War II paralleled a generally favorable balance of payments. After occasional and minor deficits on current accounts during the mid-1960s, a major deficit occurred in 1970. Since then, the current-accounts balance has generally registered a surplus, despite increased costs of oil imports during the 1970s. The Netherlands' reliance upon exports that are resistant to recessions (such as some food and agricultural products, and semifinished products such as chemicals) has protected the Dutch economy from weaker demand from Germany and other EU countries during recessions. Dutch exports are likely to be susceptible to an increase in the demand for capital goods spurred by a recovery in world trade, however.
* Balance on Current Account

The Current Account of Netherlands in 2012 is 56498,1 millions of euros. As we see in Table 1, in the beginnings of 90’s the European countries had some trouble with the money flow in payments. The Europe Crysis was effected the Netherlands between 1991 and 1993 years.
The Current Account is a bit effected in Russian Crysis at the end of 90’s because of the Asia Crysis Russian ruble was devaluating by Russian government. The transactions between Russia and Netherlands are decreased at that time.

The 2008 Mortgage Crysis and The Current European Debt Crysis is effected simultaneously. The Netherlands government invest the money on trade and it is effected.
* Trade Balance (Total Exports – Total Imports )

The Trade Balance of The Netherlands

The Total Exports of The Netherlands

Total Imports of The Netherlands
The Trade Balance of the Netherlands in 2012 is 43.896. The Trade Balance is calculated by...

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