Analysis of Yum Brands

Analysis of Yum Brands

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• Offering value food
Employing economies of scale, Pizza Hut has made its offerings more affordable. Its delivery offer of US$ 4.4 for four personal pan pizzas has been very successful, helping it grows the business by 25 per cent. They have recently introduced a range of vegetarian personal pan pizzas for US$ 1.1. Most Pizza Hut restaurants are located in the metros and smaller metros. In taking long strides across the country, Pizza Hut is consolidating its position by opening more restaurants in the metros where it already has a presence as well as opening outlets in new markets.

• Moving beyond metros
According to company sources, Pizza Hut is moving beyond the metros and foraying into 12 to 13 new markets including Trichy Nagpur Bhubhaneswar, Thiruvananthapuram and Pondicherry to increase penetration.
Aggressive marketing and tie-ups with local and popular brands Pizza Hut has increased its visibility by launching a well-received TV campaign aimed at the young crowd. It has formed partnerships with recognized brands such as Nestle and Pepsi. It also holds regular promotional campaigns targeted at children and uses these alliances to offer packages during these

• Developing the local supply chain
The local supply chain for Pizza Hut was developed by Yum! and currently 95 per cent of the ingredients they use are locally produced. They now import very few specialty items like pepperoni.

• International brand with an Indian heart
Pizza Hut is one of the first international pizza chains with purely vegetarian dine-ins at Chowpatty (Mumbai), Ahmedabad and Surat, which also serve Jain menus. Pizza Hut has even opened two all-vegetarian restaurants in the western state of Gujarat to cater to the Jain religious community, whose members prefer not to eat at places where meat is served.

• Offering more than the international menu
International food chains typically offer only...

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