Analysis on rotary kiln Secondary air supply

Analysis on rotary kiln Secondary air supply

Analysis on rotary kiln Secondary air supply
Great Wall rotary kiln has advanced technology supporting and sound after-sales service,Hereby Great Wall company as the professional rotary kiln manufacturer with over 50 years experience,we analysis on the reasons of high temperature in rotary kiln secondary air.

1:the granularity is good shaped,however the materials layer is thick in cooling machine first cavity.
2:the fire length is too short,which causes the thermal zone shift forward and raises the temperature of calcining clinker.
3:the fire is so scattered that coarse coal powder mixes with clinker and continues combustion after entering into cooling machine.
4:Clinker granularity is too fine,which makes the material layer resistance increase,reduces the secondary air volume and raises air temperature,so that there are a lot of fine grained clinker back rotary kiln along with secondary air.

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