Analysis the Marketing Communication of Mcdonald's

Analysis the Marketing Communication of Mcdonald's

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The word "marketing" can be defined as "the process of identifying, stimulating and satisfying customer wants and needs." It is commonly to say that "communication" can be defined as something along the lines of "the accurate transmission of information." As a process, communication can generally be described in a basic model: a sender encodes a message, which is then sent through a channel of some sort. the receiver then decodes the message, and may provide the sender with feedback about whether the message was understood or well accept. (Hutton & Mulhern, 2002) In this case study, we are going to discuss the marketing strategy in the fast food industry which is focus on McDonald's. McDonald's is one of the best known brands in the fast food industry and in the worldwide. When people saw a "M" in yellow color, then McDonald's would be in their minds. It is showed that the strong branding of McDonald's in the worldwide.

2) Analysis the marketing communication of McDonald's:
After the film "Supersize me", the sale volume of McDonald's has a huge decreased. Moreover, most of Americans are overweight, and Bug Macs and super-size French fries have drawn criticism and lawsuits for McDonald's promoting obesity. so, nowadays, McDonald's promoted menu changes with healthier salad, fruit and small portion size, offered "Happy Meal" for adults and children, encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle. McDonald's found although people know a lot about the balanced food and healthy lifestyle, it is still very difficult to change people's behavior of keeping on taking junk foods in McDonald's and to associate McDonald's brand image with healthy food.

2.1) The 4Ps strategies:
a) Product:
It is important that to offer a huge amount of choice to the potential customers which available to them with regard to how and where they spend the money. So, McDonald's consider on developing a menu which the customers' wants. For example, introducing a healthy...

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