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Analysis Worksheet for Critical Analysis Essay
Two Dimensional:
A.            Self Portrait with Braid, Frida Kahlo


              I own this piece
B.            This is a self portrait of Frida Kahlo in which she had braids.

                This is a portrait of herself
The title is self explanitory
C.            Elements and Principles
                Line – describe the direction of the objects in the work

                List and provide an explanation of the five characteristics of line which  were used.
                Shape/Form – describe the compositional shapes used to organize the work

                Describe and explain how the shapes or forms were used to represent realism or abstraction.
                Color – describe which hues and values dominate the work
Describe and explain the shading of objects to represent realism or abstraction (chiaroscuro)
                Note: Photographs use tonal shadings to create a sense of realism or surrealism (dreamlike settings)
Focal Areas/Balance/ Deep-Space and Perspective – Describe the main path which your eyes travel as you look at the work

                Describe and explain the symmetry or asymmetry of the work.

                Describe and explain the use of deep space and/or perspective (linear, atmospheric, shifting)
Analysis Worksheet for Critical Analysis Essay
Three Dimensional:
A.            Title, Artist

                Medium (materials made from)
    Method of Execution (how the work was made)

B.            Subject Matter – describe what you see.

                Describe how what you see is influenced by the title.

                Explain why the title was or was not helpful is describing what you saw.

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