Organizational Changes

The presented research is focused on the issue of the change as the obligatory requirement to the modern business company. Of course, it is the issue of the common knowledge that company need to change, first of all, because of the peculiarities and demands of the current business environment. Still such a suggestion lies just on the surface of the problem of managerial and organizational changes within enterprises in the cotemporary business world. The given article satisfies the necessity of the deeper analysis of the possibilities of shifts inside the corporation and possible obstacles made by the outside factors or by the organization itself. By making the detailed research on such issues the new strategies for improving the performance of the business companies in the constantly changing environment can be found.

Why company refuses to change.

It can be claimed by some people that the need to change is not so obligatory in the world of business. It can be presupposed that there are just two kinds of business enterprises – those that are likely to change and those that are not. Also it can be suggested that the secret of the success of many brands, such as, for example, Kodak, was their stability and their classical attitude to the market and to the customer. But, actually, the case study of Kodak enterprise is the evidence for the necessity to change of the organization. Kodak company was the leading company in the sphere of making products for film cameras. When the digital photography started to occupy the market, Kodak enterprise ignored the new demands of the market and continued to perform its traditional production strategy. Such a step was called the main reason for the financial crisis of the company. In such a context the ability of the company to change is considered to be the burning problem in...

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