Analytical Comparison

Analytical Comparison

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The similarities between these two texts is that they are both about villagers. The poem, An Ordinary Person by Rab focuses on how the villager from long ago is brought to the present world, and is caught offguard by the enormity of it. The image focuses on the life that was lead by people a thousand years ago. They are both similar because the theme of both the poem and the image is simplicity.

The first two lines offers feeling of hope, or a daydream because it takes the reader back to old times and prepares the reader for a story with a picturesque setting. It takes the reader back to when things were more simple, romantic and less mechanical. However, the third line brings a change of tone that changes from romantic to supernatural, as it is written that after a hunded years, the peasent is resurrected, again made flesh and brought to the present time. The rest of the poem explores how the villager is surprised by how the people around him have become more dissatisfied with everything they have, and are yearning for more. The poem ends with the last line being a juxaposition and changing the entire text before it, and gives the reader a nostalgic feeling for the ancient days.

A theme statement for this poem could be: “In the present, the fantastic dazzle and the mechanicality of the world is considered “good” and “right”, however, in the past the simplistic nature of people has more meaning to it”

The image, however, is about the simplistic nature of things as they used to be in the past. The image portrays six people returning from the market and are going home. There are three women who are carrying heavy objects and one woman carrying a basket of flowers. The last woman is most likely the head of the house, because she is wearing a sari while the other women are wearing separate tops and skirts. There is one boy, who is holding on to the hand of one of the women. The way the hands are being held symbolizes protection. There is a man at the...

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