Ancient China

Ancient China


Zhou Dynasty

In the 1100’s BC the Zhou Dynasty was created. They joined with other near by
tribes an attacked the Shang Dynasty. Heaven gave power to the king, no one ruled without heavens permission. If a king were bad the heaven would support someone else. When the Zhou dynasty came it brought political order to china. Sadly the Zhou Dynasty had a decline. When the families broke apart they became rivals and the sons start killing the fathers.

Qin Dynasty

The first King of the Qin Dynasty was Shi Haungdi. He was a very cruel king he
burned books that didn’t agree with legalism. He also took land away from the lord’s and made them live with their families. To keep China in order he divided it into districts, each district had its own governor and they had to pay taxes. The only good achievements Shi Haungdi made were canals to connect with rivers for trade, and the Great Wall to keep enemies away.

Han Dynasty

The first ruler of the Han Dynasty was Liu Bang. Everyone liked him because he treated his people with respect. He also lowered taxes and made punishments less severe. In 410 B.C Emperor Wudi became king, just like Shi Haungdi he took land away from the lords and raised taxes. He took all the grain and put it under control of the government. In order to be in the government they had to pass the exam of Confucian. In order to take the exam they have to be recommended. Some of the thing’s they created are a sundial for time, seismograph for earthquakes, and acupuncture to cure diseases and relieve pain.

Shang Dynasty

The Shan Dynasty was the first dynasty in china it was founded in 1600-1046 BCE. The Shang Dynasty had 31 kings Tang of Shang to King Zhou. The people who lived in the Shang Dynasty thought their ancestors were gods. All the families worshiped their gods’ (ancestor.) People couldn’t rule unless they had the mandate from heaven. When the mandate is taken away they lose their power....

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