And Thats What Destiny Is

And Thats What Destiny Is

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English Robert Zhang
Period 4 9/13/08

And that’s what Destiny is

Fate is karma. Do something good, and it will reward you. Do something bad, and it will bite you. Although this sometimes occurs, fate is not always something you can have control over. For instance, when we drive a car, we may be as safe as possible, but you never know if someone else who is drunk will hit your car. There are many forces that oppose us in this world, such as death, bankruptcy, and deceit. These factors can occur anytime and that is why we are so careful about one another.
I believe people do not have control of their destiny, but can lead themselves toward something they want if they try hard enough. Look at Oedipus, the Greek king who is prophesized to kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus forced himself that would never happen, until one day he met his father unknowingly and accidentally killed him. After solving the riddle from the sphinx, he saves Thebes from her torment, and is offered to the throne as a king, and married the former queen, his mother. Even though this story shows destiny as a manifest, Oedipus self intentions of not killing his father and not marrying his mother was neglected. Evidently, destiny is something we have no control over.
There are aspects in my life where my life is controlled by other forces like my parents, teachers, and the laws. If I wanted to be an architect when I grow up, forces that will definitely prevent me from achieving it are bankruptcy, the lack of communication between buyers, and bad ideas. But trying my hardest will lead me somewhere. That’s where fate doesn’t come into play, and that’s where you have to depend on yourself.

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