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Android App

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Dr. Hussien Sharafddine

Crazy Voice

Fall 2011

I am designing a project that take a text whether from a text field or from a text file as an input and the application speaks it loudly. Moreover, a user can play with the setting to set the language, pitch and the speed rate of the speech. This application is used by people that cannot speak or can’t read (only can listen) or even can’t see because it transfer text to speech using the android Text to speech (TTS) API. This application can be extended to take a SMS as input and read it loud.
Overview about the Project:
I named my application crazy voice since it change text to voice with some manipulation in the rate, pitch and language.

This project consists of 5 Activities with 5 xml file in addition to the manifest. These activities are linked using their intents. A small diagram is shown in the figure below to see the activities and how they are linked together with their respective xml file.

As we can see from the figure, we have a main class called Sample Activity that open when the application is run. The figure below shows the layout of this Activity

This Activity has two functionalities:
1. Calls the Record Activity
2. Calls the File Activity
The user will make his choice for which activity he wants to start according to which radio button will be clicked. When a user chooses the text and click on enter button, a new activity will be created (Record Activity). While when a user chooses read a text file, another activity will be opened demanding him for the name of the file (File Activity).

This is demonstrated in the below screen shot.

In the Record Activity, the user has to enter his text as shown in the hint. When the button is clicked, data from this activity is passed to the Speech Activity via the bundle and the intent. Moreover, this data will...

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