Ang Buhay Ko

Ang Buhay Ko

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In 1926, there was a “Karehan” (eatery) located in front of a house owned by a Chinese here in Barangay San Francisco to a nearby hardware. During that time, Kalesa (horse-drawn coach) is the only method of transportation going to the town because the roads are muddy and there are no cemented roads. One day, this Chinese and his family will go to the market on the town and the “Kutsero” (coachman) asked where they headed. And the Chinese said “kareha”. The kutsero thought he heard “Kalehan”. The word or term “Kalehan” is used by every people who’ve been to the eatery of the Chinese until it is called Calihan.

➢ Legal Basis for the establishment of the Barangay: City Ordinance No. 29
Approved on November 24, 1956

➢ Fiesta or Celebration: October 4, St. Francis of Assissi

Geographical Location

Barangay San Francisco is approximately 2.5 kilometers away from the town of San Pablo.

It is surrounded by the following Barangay’s:

1. How difficult is it to lead or be the head and operate a barangay?

- It is very difficult to operate a barangay because it is just like managing a business where money and people are involved.

2. What are the steps to be done in order to have a progressive and improved barangay?

- Infrastructure ( cemented roads or streets)
- Street Lighting

3. What are the things that a barangay can be proud of?

- Peaceful and orderly barangay.
- No corruption of its officers.
- Community Service like free medicines and hospital financial assistance.

Hon. Dandi Medina Brgy. Chairman
Hon. Venancio Avanzado Brgy. Councilman
Hon. Alfredo Audije Brgy. Councilman
Hon. Miguelito Fideli Brgy. Councilman
Hon. Arlene Belen Brgy. Councilman
Hon. Arnel Guiterrez Brgy. Councilman
Hon. Ruel Audije Brgy. Councilman
Hon. Elmer Merelos Brgy. Councilman
Mr. Roger Calabia Brgy....

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