Angela's Ashes

Angela's Ashes

Why is bilingual education the best for motivated students

How would the world look like if everybody could speak English. Allowing everybody to do the job they always wanted to do on a spot on the earth where they would like to do it. This of course is not possible but couldn’t it be possible to try and make smart students speak English so that they can go out all over the world and help people with their knowledge and the ability of speaking English.
Although it may seem too fantastic, it is possible with bilingual education.

There are many factors in bilingual education which effect the time you spend on school and can make it much more fun.
Teachers on a school which provides Bilingual education are usually the younger and more motivated teachers, so they will help in any way to make students graduate.
The books which students learn from are made for schools giving bilingual education which means that they are newer, better, in English thus more fun to learn from.
Students will be challenged more because they need to work harder to understand the English. However understanding is not enough, they need to be able to read, write and speak it. The fact is that someone who has been challenged more will have less difficulties in solving problems or challenges.
With school students go on trips and do all kinds of events. These events contain certain things which can be very useful in you future like: The trips made to England or another English speaking country helps you to practice and test you skills on real native English people. Although speaking to strange people there may seem embarrassing at that time. However later it will pay off with a real time experience which causes less problems with speaking in English to strange people later.

After finishing secondary school and successfully graduating at International Baccalaureate (IB) the best thing to do would be; getting a place on an University.
With a IB certificate the amount of universities...

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