Anger and Driving

Anger and Driving

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More and more drivers have started acting out their anger when they get behind the wheel, according to a study conducted by the (American Automobile Association). The study of aggressive driving is not new (Williams,1) has received attention as a national concern. After they’ve been cut off, tailgated, or slowed down by a vehicle in front of them, these angry drivers can commit incredible acts of violence, including assaults and murder. A nationwide study by (NHTSA) of fatal crashes at traffic signals in 1999 and 2000 estimated that 20 percent of the vehicles involved failed to obey the signals. Failing to comply with traffic control devices is an indicator of aggressive driving. In 2004, more than 900 people were killed and an estimated 168,000 were injured in crashes that involved red light running. Every day we have to deal with these types of people on the road. We run a great risk whether on a long trip, or a short commute. Fortunately, there is something we can do about it.

Motorcycles became popular among Metro Manila motorists in 2008 mainly because of their speed, affordability, and the skyrocketing prices of fuel during the first three quarters of year.

However, the two-wheeled vehicles that were involved in road accidents also caused 78 deaths and 4,303 injuries from January to September alone.

Some 4,382 other incidents did not kill or hurt anyone but nevertheless resulted in damage to property, bringing the total number of motorcycle-related mishaps to 8,763 incidents.

Data from the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) revealed that the number of motorcycle models increased even more rapidly than the number of other vehicles comprising the general vehicle population in 2008.

But despite being the answer to the problem of expensive fuel, the two-wheeled road machines increase the risk to the rider by twofold, since they do not have the same safety features that cars have.

Statistics from the MMDA’s Metropolitan Road Safety Unit...

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