Animal Farm and the Wave

Animal Farm and the Wave

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Animal Farm and the Wave

The overall purpose of the text of Animal Farm is to show the readers how a political power games are played out and corruption can become dangerous.

In the novel Absolute power corrupts, the book aims to tell us the readers that human nature and diversity prevent people from being equal. The animals on the farm aimed at an utopian lifestyle, but in the end the pigs thought they were better then the other animals because they were the brightest and yet the most lazy. They break the seven commandments which makes the miss use of power more noticeable.

The misuse of power is a link between the books animals Farm and The Wave. In the Wave students lose their individuality by joining the group known as the Wave.

My personal opinion on Animal Farm is that it reminded me of World War 2 when Hitler was in power. I think the two scenarios are similar because people wanted to believe him as he promised good economic ideas and yet abused his position by mistreating so many people. Animal farm was interesting to read for me as the characters were intertwining and the setting was in an everyday lifestyle so it was familiar to me at the same time.
Animal Farm is a description of what happened when the revolution goes astray.

The plot of The Wave revolves around a high school teacher named Ben Ross who can't answer the questions his students’ present regarding Nazi Germany. The only way he can see answering the question in all truth is to start an experiment that shows the students what it may have been like in Nazi Germany. This shows the connection between the books because they both wanted to either find out about the past and yet at the same time they both wanted to relive what happened. In animal farm they tried to make out that this was a positive thing – but in this novel it didn’t work out because they were only able to handle it for a short amount of time, and in wave they were reliving the past just to have a better...

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