Animal Farm Power

Animal Farm Power

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It is clear that ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell is the perfect example of unquestioning allegiance to authority invites abuse of power. Individuals in power will, given the chance abuse their power; this has been seen in history. In the fable ‘Animal Farm’ George Orwell clearly demonstrates the pigs, being the cleverest out of all the animals have abused their power for their own benefits. Claiming the apples and milk, moving into the house and altering the commandments are all an example of how the pigs have abused their power. This can be interpreted into today’s society.

Firstly the pigs claiming the milk and apples is an abuse of power. Squealer who used propaganda, made the animals believe that the pigs were entitled to the apples for their sake. He lied by saying Jones would appear which made the animals accept the pig’s argument.
“Surly no one wants Jones back” (page23)
When the animals agreed to this it showed their unquestioning allegiance to authority.

Then there were the pigs moving into the house, this clearly demonstrates an abuse of power. Squealer who was a very convincing conversationalist was able to prove to the animals that the pigs deserved the house as they were the brains of the farm.
No animal questioned the situation far enough which let the pigs know exactly how much they could get away with. This was taken to a new extent which was against the seven commandments. Boxer who spoke mainly for the animals had passed the thought off with “Napoleon is always right,” which made the animals a lot more comfortable with that thought in their head. Clover, who had a second thought had spoke up and considered the seven commandments, she defiantly knew something was wrong. Squealer quickly attacked her with his lies, which seemed very truthful to reassure her. This shows that unquestioning allegiance invites abuse of power.

Interestingly enough the commandments were forever changing in privilege for the pigs. Even if the animals...

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