Animal Farm Summary and Analysis

Animal Farm Summary and Analysis



This fictitious prose entails an allegorical, animalistic rebellion of farm animals taking over a farm run by humans. Throughout this novel, it can be gathered that Animal Farm: an historical marvel concerning a personification which can be seen as similar towards world society reference such as the second world war (explained to further detail later), change in lifestyle, the destruction and reformation of a dictated society (the term ‘communism’ can be seen as irrelevant) as well as the links between human society and this (literally) animalistic society.

This potboiler begins with the farm being run by a cruel, insensitive and arrogant human, after an inspiring speech made by Old Major the animals were influenced towards making Manor Farm a farm run by animals. For the duration of the novel it can be obtained that the pigs use propaganda to manipulate the minds of the ‘lesser’ animals. The tale ends with the concept of how the pigs had been so warped with power they were no longer themselves.


Animal Farm presents to the audience an obvious affiliations between the attitudes displayed by those of humans and those of the animals involved. It teaches the audience through fiction of the arrogance of homosapiens (I use homosapiens to emphasize our high point on an evolutionary scale). The psychology of human society in the days of world war two are very similar towards that of the characters within animal farm. Napoleon is similar towards Hitler, his guard dogs like the gestapo, the other pigs like the nazis and the other working class animals like the members of the German society; those that died were like the Jews. Human society is emphasized as we view how the working class is taken for granted, how freedom is only freedom when everyone feels free: equality is put to the test. How we understand lies that of politicians warp our minds...

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