Animal farm vs KGB

Animal farm vs KGB

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In Animal Farm by George Orwell, Frederick is similar to Nazis in Germany because they both killed people to take over more land, destroy industry, and betrayed their neighbors.

Mr. Frederick owns the neighboring farm in Pinchfield. He may be a human farmer, but he's no drunk idiot like Mr. Jones. He is a tough man, that makes really good deals and these deals benefit him the most. He is similar to Hitler. His farm was equal to the other farms in the beginning. He was kind of in the shadows at the beginning of the book, meaning he was not in the stories until they started trading with other farms. Fredrick was afraid that the other farms and his farm would rebel. This was the same as the Nazis. If the animals had rebelled then they would only trade with other animals and put him out of business. If people had rebelled against Hitler and the Nazis then they would have never been able to destroy and round up the Jews.

In the story Napoleon has a pile of lumber to sale and he was going to sell it to Pilkington. He went to play Pilkington and Frederick against each other. He thought he would be able to get more money by doing this. He had promised it to Pilkington. At the last minute he sold it to Frederick. Napoleon, the pig went to buy supplies for the windmill and when they were buying things they found out that the money was counterfeit. Frederick gave them counterfeit money because he was upset they could build a windmill. The Nazis also were like Frederick, they would betray their neighbors. They also would take from their neighbors and from the Jews. Frederick’s farm was jealous of Animal Farm that they could manage their own farm.

Napoleon had pigeons send out letters to other farms around. They warned them about what Frederick's Farm did to them. These letters also said death to Frederick. The Nazis would go into war, kill a few people then leave with some supplies. Frederick got really angry so they started to invade the animals. The Nazis...

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