Animals at Night

Animals at Night

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Doggie is a stuffed animal for the entire orphans to share at Home of the Angels. Nobody played with Doggie so Jennings took it and befriended it. Doggie was his best friend and he loved him. Jennings took care of Doggie, slept with him and shared him with his friends. Doggie was with Jennings wherever he went, even when he left the orphanage and went back home. Jennings also took Doggie to the new orphanage he went to.

Sarge’s number is an important item in the suitcase. When Jennings was running away, he needed to find food and a woman reports to the police that Jennings might be a lost child. One of the cops was Pierce Meagher who was nicknamed “Sarge”. Sarge was a kind man who took care of Jennings by giving him something to eat and taking the time to find out what happened to Jennings. When “Sarge” found out the truth, he went to St. Teresa’s, talked to Sister Barbara and made sure it was okay for Jennings to keep Doggie. He also gave Jennings his name and phone number to call him if anybody hurt Jennings again.

A sky bar is one of Jennings favorite treats. Every sky bar has four sections with 4 fillings, which are vanilla, fudge, peanut. It was also one of the two items Jennings’ mother bought him on his trip home from the orphanage. It is important to Jennings because his mother left him in the orphanage and Jennings wasn’t sure if he would see his mother or family ever again. So when mother did come back for him and bought him a comic book and candy bar, it felt like everything was going to be alright.

Sister Clair is actually one of the kind, loving and caring nuns at Home of the Angels. She looked after Jennings by talking to him, asking how he was doing, explaining to him how things were run at the orphanage and best of all, letting him keep Doggie. That is why the note she left him is important. She loved the orphans and understood that they needed to be loved. She understood that Jennings loved Doggie very much and it was important to...

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