Animals Right

Animals Right

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Are zoos necessary?
The ugly truth about zoos

Humans have a great attraction with wild animals. Every year, many people from all around the world go on safaris, board whale-watching cruises and watch all sort of documentary films about wild animals like snakes or lions on Animal Planet; others drive to their local zoo for a full day of animal gazing. As children we all loved going to the zoo to see our favorite animals, and as we grew older schools taught us that zoos helps save endangered animals. Now as adults many people came to an understanding that animal’s captivity for entertainment is not acceptable at all. Many people are not alert of the brutality behind zoos, so it's a must that we all think about animals used for entertainment. Many researchers and animal right groups have set many questions to argue whether if zoos are important or not:

1- Are Zoos helping endangered species from extinctions by breeding?
2- Are humans steeling animal’s freedom by putting them in zoos?
3- Are zoos bad for animal’s psychological and physical well being?

Are Zoos helping endangered species from extinctions?

Extinction is a misfortune. It is a tragedy from an environmental position because other species may undergo and because it may indicate an environmental problem such as climate change or loss of wild habitat. It is also a tragedy from an animal rights standpoint because it means that sentient these animals perhaps experienced and died early deaths. However, from an animal rights standpoint, extinction in the wild is not an excuse to continue keeping animals in captivity. The survival of the species does not justify the loss of freedom for the animals in captivity. Animals in zoos now mostly represent numerous species that are extinct in the wild due to habitat destruction, stealing, wildlife trade or climate change. LEES, C. M., & WILCKEN, J. J. (2009) argued that all important and leading zoos should do all they can...

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