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Japanese animation, Japanese cartoons or simply Anime, refers to the distinctive tradition of animation in Japan. Due to its superior artistic qualities, complex-thought provoking themes, not just the usual Good VS Evil plot shown in US Cartoons, it is favored for all ages in different countries of the world. Here in New Zealand, Final Fantasy VII’s Advent Children, Death Note, and Naruto, help me proved the preceding statement.

An Otaku, derived from the Japanese term for another house or family, is use to describe people who love anime. It is not only for Japanese people so if you love anime and came to know it better, you can call yourself an Otaku. That’s what I am. Here are the reasons why I like anime:

One, anime gives me opinionated views of what the future will be like. A perfect example is Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. This Japanese animation features space wars, robots called Gundams, flying fortresses and advance genetics.

We don’t have it as of now. But I’m pretty sure we will. Imagine me, flying a Gundam in space. Seeing billions of stars and landing on a moon base, much better than being an astronaut, right?

Two, anime brings me to a new world. Not just the world of ninjas, vampires, witches, or robots, but the world of sports and mystery that I can’t normally be in. Eyeshield 21, introduced me to American football and lets me enjoy it without getting tackled or wearing big uniforms. Detective Conan on the other hand, got me hooked to mystery solving and detective playing without having to be there and endangering myself.

I had face it. A student like me, who always think of ditching P.E. class for some lame reasons, playing football. Meaning actually running around and defending against big players… I can never imagine myself like that. Or at least not in this life time. And I’m too big to hide myself during investigations. What happens if I’m seen? I’ll die without even accomplishing anything!...

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