Ankel Monitor

Ankel Monitor

F.O.W. Offers The Latest Technological Innovations In Defendant GPS Monitoring on the market.
Why FL Offender Watch Is Different ?

Patented – Pending Secure Cuff that reduces the potential for ankle straps to be cuts . Electronic GPS Ankle Monitoring has been plagued by high-risk offenders whom cut there GPS Ankle straps and run, until now. SECURECUFF'S patent-pending design gives Law Enforcement more time to respond to strap tamper alarms. The SECURECUFF has a laminated fiber optic tamper alarm between two hardened stainless steel bands. If an offender cuts through the first stainless steel band, the fiber optic cable triggers and alarm. The offender still needs more time to cut through the second band, giving officers time to successfully respond to and prevent a potential “cut and run”

Two-way and Three-way voice communication via ReliAlert – Not being able to reach the defendant by phone is a thing of the past. Simply communicate with the defendant Directly through ReliAlert GPS Ankle Monitor Device.

Active Trace & Monitoring – 24Hr / 7 Days Per week Monitoring. Immediately increased tracking capability when boundary or tamper alarms are triggered.

Clients That Our Services Are Offered To Are.
Bail Bondsman – Bondsman often our services as and Alternative to Collateral. In situations were the family of a defendant don't have any or adequate collateral. GPS Ankle Monitoring is and alternative to securing your risk. Bondsman also use F.O.W. and alternative to surrendering bonds when offenders violate terms & conditions of bond.
Judges – Judges order defendants to be placed on Secure Cuff GPS Ankle Monitoring with the reassurance that defendants are less likely to cut & run when Secure Cuff is in use
Attorneys – Suggest this GPS Ankle Monitor to the courts as a compromise to lower high bonds, or reverse “No Bond” orders placed on there high risk clients, such as domestic violence, gang members, sex offenders etc.

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