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Value of going to school...

School is a place where children go for getting education. Without getting education which we get from school a person can't do business or can't make his career. It is the primary source o education. In schols there are activities for children to keep them fit. To get a proper education a person needs to go to school.

Not only education is been taught in school but discipline and good habits also. In a school the teachers teach us how to keep ourselves in a proper manner. In school we are built so that we can make our career with great self-confidence. In a school we are also kept physically fit and are taught how to play different types of sports. Sports keep us physically fit. Schools even organize camps for juniors for their entertainement after the final exams. In the camps students learn different types of adventituos activities which could help them in future even. Functions in the school are organized in which students take part and gain their knowledge and experience that how to do different types of things or decorating classes. Republic day function and Independence day function in our school is organized with great enthusiasm, showing great respect to our country. Children take part in different activities in these function like March Past, Excersies, Yoga, Singing patriotic Songs, and some selected children also get chance to decorate in the functions. Sports day is organized every year in which students run for their groups to make them win. Many different races are organized from which students know that how to stand, run, rules and regulations of race for future. In the annual function children decorate many classes of the school all of different categories. The whole assembly is decorated with the stuff made by the children in their art and craft periods. The students also learn that how to sketch objects and decorate specific things.

If a person doesn't goes to school he can't learn all these things. These...