Anmc Accreditation Standards

Anmc Accreditation Standards

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Enrolled Nurses
Standards and Criteria for the Accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery Courses Leading to Registration, Enrolment, Endorsement and Authorisation in Australia— with Evidence Guide
February 2009

Report prepared by Dr. Denise Ryan

AustrAliAn nursing And Midwifery CounCil nAtionAl ACCreditAtion stAndArds And CriteriA


ACronyMs exPlAnAtion of terMs doMAin 1: Course MAnAgeMent
standard one: governance standard two: staffing standard three: students standard four: Course length and structure

vi 1 7
7 9 10 11

doMAin 2: Course
standard five: Course Content standard six: Approaches to teaching and learning standard seven: student Assessment standard eight: Professional experience standard nine: research

13 14 16 17 19

standard 1 standard 2 standard 3 standard 4 standard 5 standard 6 standard 7 standard 8 standard 9

20 22 22 23 24 25 25 26 27

referenCe list


ANMC National Accreditation Standards and Criteria—Enrolled Nurses


AustrAliAn nursing And Midwifery CounCil
national Accreditation standards and Criteria
These standards and criteria for the accreditation of nursing and midwifery courses leading to registration, enrolment, endorsement and authorisation in Australia are the result of the final stage of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (ANMC) National Accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery Courses Project. Stage 1 of the project resulted in a discussion paper recommending the development of a national framework. The national framework was subsequently developed as Stage 2 of the project and endorsed by the ANMC in February 2007. These standards and criteria fit the ANMC’s national framework. The framework establishes a process within which courses are granted recognition and approval for a specified time, having met defined requirements. The standards and criteria provide specific indicators for measuring whether a course fulfils...

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