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High School Sweethearts: Is It Destined to Carry On?
By Anne Gabrielle Estrada IV- Aluminum

“You two are going to walk down the aisle one day.” It is just an expression usually heard whenever you are a high school sweetheart. But is it a glance into the future or just a delusion?

In our generation, numerous teenagers are getting in relationships because of their hormones which are racing because they undergo through the adolescent period. Some do it out of curiosity. While some do it to fit in. But for most high school sweethearts, it’s because of the infatuated desire compelling them to fall in love.

Many people in high school have an identical frame of mind when it comes to their high school darling. It happens constantly. High school sweethearts go off to college. Typically, they go off to distinct colleges and that puts an end to their relationship at once. For high school sweethearts believe that if lovers go to separate colleges, they will break up due to the woe of not being aware of what the other is doing, and the lack of time that the couple has to spend together. This theory can be as believable as one would like it to be.

Nonetheless, what happens when they actually go to the similar college and catch a glimpse of each other everyday? It may be more intricate to snap it off. But as people develop and mature, particularly at that age, they are apt to go their separate ways. It’s just okay and it is virtually predictable.

There are occasions where they stay together and live happily forever after, but that's not the custom. For young couples in this situation, the crucial thing is not to concentrate so much on the ever after but just relish the time spent together today, in the present.

It is unreasonable to rush into marriage too hastily. Anyone can always get married later if one opts to do so. Being together is not all about matrimony, and it’s not always meant to lead to marriage....

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