Anne Frank Diary

Anne Frank Diary

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Dear Diary,

Being in this house all day long is really getting to me. A girl like me had a lot of energy, and keeping it in until night…GOD! Hanukkah is soon. I’m making everyone gifts… even Mouschi! It’s hard, with what little materials we have; but I can manage.
Last night I had a nightmare. I dreamt that the Green Police captured us. I woke up screaming really loud. If anyone heard me, we all could have been in danger. Luckily, I don’t think anyone did.
The other day, I accidentally spilled milk on Mrs. Van Daan’s fur coat. She got extremely mad at me. I tried to help her clean the coat, but she didn’t want my help. Ever since, she hasn’t liked me very much.
Peter, well, where do I start with him? He’s cute, I guess, but all he ever does is play with his stupid cat, Mouschi. But after all, he isn’t the worst person to be stuck with.
Mrs. and Mr. Van Daan have been fighting more and more lately. Their most recent fight was about Mr. Van Daan saying that he wanted to sell Mrs. Van Daan’s fur coat. She got very angry, and kept insisting that they should keep it. Mr. Van Daan replied angrily that they would get a lot of money for it.
Margot, as always, is still perfect. “Why can’t Anne be more like Margot?” She’s smart, beautiful, and doesn’t get in any trouble, or bothers anyone. Everyone loves her, while they think I’m just annoying.
The past few days I haven’t slept much. I always have the same nightmare, the Green Police capturing us. Mr. Dussel, though has been an upside in my life. He is very nice. I hope he can see his friends and family again someday, hopefully soon. I hope all of us will be able to see our friends and family again, too.
Well, I better get back to making everyone their Hanukkah presents.

Anne Frank

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