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Dates for interview - 26th August 2011

Venue - SPJIMR, FMB Office

Time - 9.00 a.m.

Please confirm the interview date and send us a mail confirming your attendance on that date to

For Outstation students: The interviews and written exams are likely to take up almost the entire day hence please plan your return schedule accordingly.

Portions for entrance exams

URL to access site:

***Note: To run these courses, you need to install Adobe flash player 10 & above plug-in, Java runtime (JRE) 16.0 & above. This site will work properly only with IE 6.0 & above.

Log on to the site using your user name and password which is mentioned in the email.

Select the subject and study the chapters for each subject as detailed hereunder, the written exam will be based on this portion.

I: Chapters to study from Web learning

(Only 2 Chapters for each Subject is to be studied)
1. Marketing Management
• Chapter 1 – Marketing Analysis and Planning
• Chapter 2 – Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning

2. Managerial Economics
• Chapter 1 – Incremental Analysis
• Chapter 2 - Economics of Cost

3. Financial Accounting
• Chapter 1- Business Activities and Principal Financial Statements
• Chapter 2 - Balance Sheet

4. Cost Management
• Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Cost Management
• Chapter 2 - Cost Terms and Cost Objects

II : Chapters to study from books

Kindly acquire (either purchase or take from a local library) the following books-

1. “Ricardo Semler Maverick”:
Chapter: 1&2 – Natural Business and Fit To Duty (Page No: - 1 to 14)
2. It Happened in India –Kishore Biyani with Dipayan Baishya
Chapter: 1 – Made in India (Page No: -- 1 to 28)

Important information regarding the interview process

Dear Students,...