Annotated Bibliography - essay

Annotated Bibliography - essay

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Annotated Bibliography 1
PSY 270
9 September 2013

Source 1
Hetherington, M. E. (1979). Divorce: A child's perspective. Psychology and Children: Current Research and Practice, 34(10), 851-858. Retrieved from
This source was chosen because it helped understand exactly how a child thinks when it comes to their parents getting a divorce. The significance idea of this source was the diversity in children's responses to divorce in part are attributable to temperamental variables, past experience, and the child's sex and developmental status. The author was trying to help the audience realized what the child may feel while parent’s are going through a divorce. The authors intended audience is any psychologist or person who is trying to learn about a child’s emotions about divorce. A source that is emphasized is in understanding the child's adjustment to divorce it is important to look not only at changes in family structure but also at changes in family functioning and at stresses and support systems in the child's extra familial social environment. The author did not make any assumptions about the topic. Throughout the article, the author does make sure the evidence supports his main points that he is trying to make.

Source 2
Jolivet, K. R. (2012). The psychological impact of divorce on children: What is a family lawyer to do? American Journal of Family Law, 25(4), 175-183. Retrieved from
This source helped allow the reader to understand how a child deals with divorce from the perspective of a lawyer. The author was trying to let the reader see behind the scenes of what it is he deals with when it comes to a child that is dealing with their parents getting a divorce....

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