Annual report

Annual report

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John Keells Holdings PLC l Annual Report 2013/2014
Financial, environmental and social performance

“For a growing major city and its main building project, an icon has to stamp a contemporary mark
that projects to the future. The strong backdrop and cantilever forms of the Waterfront Integrated
Resort provide that dynamic and powerful ambition, that JKH and Sri Lanka subscribe to.”

- Cecil Balmond

“When the architect of the Waterfront Integrated Resort Cecil Balmond first visited the site, he
visualised a property that represented the vigour of John Keells Holdings and the spirit of a new Sri
Lanka. His first impression, on the left, transformed over the next few months into an iconic structure
that stands majestic against the Colombo skyline, as shown in the artist’s impressions above.”

At John Keells, we value the smart synergies and sense of belonging
which we engender by engaging with our stakeholders in managing a
conglomerate as massively diversified as ours. Although we operate 85
companies in major industry sectors across the region and account for
more than 14 % of Sri Lanka’s stock market, a host of common threads
and shared beliefs are firmly entrenched in our DNA, enabling us to
function as a single streamlined business enterprise working as a whole.
In this report we are pleased to discuss matters ranging from the simple,
yet important, corporate governance structures to the environment friendly
multi-million dollar luxury mixed development that is now under
construction – one that we believe will be a transformational event in our
Group’s history. It depicts, once again, the commitment of many people
working together with a single minded vision in pursuing a common goal.
It is such intelligent integration, both corporate and individual, that lies
at the heart of our success.
Even as reporting becomes more complex against a background of evolving
social and economic demands and increased stakeholder...

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