Another Environmental Warning

Another Environmental Warning

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Another Environmental Warning

This is not in connection with the 2012-“end-of-the-word” conspiracy theory, but something more serious and less fictional. This was already been talked about before, but the signs are getting more serious. Another warning is yet to be resolved – more on the tragic global warming.

News parked on both the newspapers and the net about the minimizing shorelines of Oahu, a small island in the state of Hawaii in the US, near Honolulu. From a white-sparkling scene gone to an almost water-filled one, scientists note the sudden rise and started to see the culprit – global warming. And this time, it might engulf the entire Hawaiian archipelago.

But this scenario does not only imply on the Western hemisphere, even the Philippines is warned. With constant erection of toxic fumes in factories and other industrial buildings, the rise of temperatures will soon hit dangerous levels and may even melt a large chunk of ice on the polar ice caps which might lead to the rise of sea level by approximately 6 meters by the end of the year 2050. This might wipe out the entire shoreline of Sabang.

If you think the warning is just up to that? Think again. Jellyfish [Box Jellyfish, to be more specific], a cuddly but deadly sea creature, is seen to have large populations in Wakusa Bay, off the cost of Tokyo City. Fishermen were shocked and scared at the scene and feared the number would outrun the fish population and would weaken their daily catch. Fishermen say this was a bad dream, environmentalists think this is worse than the worst of nightmares. Why such giant drifts so fast to Japan’s shores? Warming of the oceans is the cause, and Japan’s not just the only stage, other bays have also been part of this play.

Scientists have warned the world about the cataclysmic event that would happen if global warming will not be wiped out of existence. Ozone holes are beginning to widen, seas beginning to get hotter, water levels are rising, and a...

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