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Anti Recidivism Coalition

Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans

December 07, 2015

ARC’s Implementation, Strategic Controls, and Contingency Plans

ARC’s Implementation Plan introduction
ARC’s implementation goals have to be strategically placed so the details of the plan will transition with suave and professionalism. The alignment of ARC’s mission statement and its values along with its vision will allow ARC to effectively flow with its grand strategies scope. The following strategic plan will mainly refine ARC’s employees’, allies’, sponsors’ and patrons’ prioritization of the tactical planning to obtain ARC’s goals and objectives.
ARC’s Objective
ARC’s present marketing stage (Introduction) is very young and makes it hard to predict1. Although the introduction stage can be considered the first year of a product, yet because of the type of product (social services) that ARC offers, it can be bridged to the second year before the growth stage ca become in effect to consideration. The following illustration reflects ARC’s stage at present:

Figure 1 abstracted from

ARC’s objectives are to enter into its new marketing cycle of growth using a strong developing focus, mainly, in the expansion of its geographical area ranging from the Los Angeles County to state-wide program, and eventually into a national program towards the closing cycle for 2017.

Functional tactics
ARC’s strategies to reach its goals and objectives can be achieved as long as its functional tactics create a direct participation role and educational culture amongst ARC’s employees. The participation role will make each employee responsible for the direct or indirect development of ARC’s achievement for the future. This is the purpose for ARC’s functional tactics—short term strategies dedicated to reach the long term goals of the company2....

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