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Title of Paper


COUN5214 – Theories of Personality


This paper is a theoretical analysis of Antwone Fisher using the Psychodynamic Theory. Antwone Fisher is the main character in the movie Antwone Fisher. The paper was written so that I could discuss my observations, analyze his human behavior based on his actions and emotions in the film and then explain how that all fits into the psychodynamic theory and how that can be used to allow him to see and understand his issues so that he can move forward in life productively instead of continuing to head for self-destruction. The paper will also analyze Antwone using the five components and the external and internal conflicts that influence Antwone throughout the movie.

Section 1: Character Personality Matrix

|Theory |Major Components |
| |Structure |Process |Growth and Development |Psychopathology |Change |
|1. Psychodynamic |Antwone’s needs of the Id |Antwone’s became anxious when |Antwone was abused as a child |Antwone’s behavior was shaped by |Antwone with the help of Dr. |
| |were not taken care of at |people said things out of the |sexually and physically. The |his childhood experiences. He |Davenport was able to not rely on|
| |birth and this affected his |way to him. His defense mechanism|abuse caused him to not develop a|knew how to be good ,but had been|that defense mechanisms that had |
| |life. His dad died before he|was to defend himself by |mature sexual role and identity. |hurt so...