Why is it important for the CDC to put a great effort in to creating new antimicrobials and antibiotics? How has the therapeutic treatment of microbes changed over time and how must we change to prevent microbes from becoming “smarter”? Include in your answer something that you can do to prevent antimicrobial resistance.

Creating new antimicrobials and antibiotics is paramount to CDC because drug resistance continues to grow overtime. With this, the steady rise of drug-resistand bacteria is a serious threat to individual patient and to public health in general.

According to a report made by Infectious Disease Drug Development Consulting , “The development of antimicrobial drugs has evolved from observational case reports to complex randomized prospective clinical trials in specific treatment indications. Beginning around the year 2000, the US FDA has evolved its approach on study design and other study characteristics, which has made the conduct of these studies more difficult and the outcomes for sponsors more risky. This has contributed to the decline in the discovery and development of new antimicrobials, which are needed to address the increasing problem of bacterial resistance to existing marketed products. “

Both health professionals and individual patients can do certain ways to prevent microbes from becoming smarter. Some methods provided by CDC(Centers for Disease Control) to be undertaken by health ptofessionals to address this matter are as follows: Prescribing an antibiotic only when it is likely to benefit the patient ; Prescribing an antibiotic that targets the bacteria that is most likely causing their patient’s illness when an antibiotic is likely to provide benefit, Encouraging patients to use the antibiotic as instructed, Collaborating with each other, office staff, and patients to promote appropriate antibiotic use. On the other hand, as individuals, we can do the following ways to prevent or lessen the possibility of drug...

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