Anxiety and Depression: Effects of Stressors

Anxiety and Depression: Effects of Stressors

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PSY210-Effects of Stress

What steps of the general adaptation syndrome will I experience?

The general adaptation syndrome (GAS) or stress response; there are three stages in the GAS. I will experience all three stages of GAS because first my body’s initial reaction to the increased workload, which is called the alarm reaction. In this stage, my body is reacting to the added stressors of the new position, in the resistance stage the body attempts to restore energy and repair body damage, the exhaustion stage is weakened resistance and possible deterioration.

What emotional and cognitive effects might this stressor produce?

Emotional effects that these stressors will produce are anxiety and depression. The cognitive effects these stressors will produce difficulty staying focused on all the news tasks required. Anxiety will cause me to have rapid heart rate and breathing, sweating and muscle tension. Anger would be considered a cognitive because of my thoughts and beliefs to the effect that would cause me to lash out at co-workers because I am stressed out due to more responsibilities.

If the stress continues, how might it affect my health?

If the stress continues, indigestion or not eating may occur, lack of interest in other things, my immune system may become weaker. My immune system may become weaker because of not eating properly and my body not receiving the correct nutrients to fight diseases. During the alarm reaction, corticosteroids are secreted; these steroids may restrain the functioning of the immune system thus making my body vulnerable to different illnesses.

How might I resolve this situation effectively to reduce my stress?

One way I may resolve this situation is to ask for help on certain projects that may be more time consuming.

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