Ap free response

Ap free response

Free-Response Questions
Section II
Part B
Question 2

The American Revolution was a big issue in the 1775’s to the 1800’s. This people in the new colonies wanted to be free a do what they pleased. But in this time many things were being debated by the population in the new colony. Many colonials had different opinions on slavery and women's rights, this two things were mostly debated. The impact that the American Revolution had in slavery and the status of women was very powerful because it made people awake and think about this two issues.

Slavery was a big business in the past, many people captured Africans to sell them in the south where all the big crops businesses were. Slaves were used as a tools to collect the product that the big crop companies produced. Slaves often suffered abuse by their maters, they will get beaten by the simplest things they did. During 1775 and 1800 the American Revolution made people wake up and realize that slavery was wrong. Many slaves who scape the south and went to the north delivered speeches to make the people awake.

Women's rights during the 1775’s to the 1800’s were poor to the point that they were totally submitted to their husbands. Abuse to the women wasn't penalized by law during that time so their husbands abused them really often. A famous speech delivered by Molly Wallace and made clear that the American women is the future of America. This speech was directed to the population to let them know that the women deserve to be treated equal to men. Many women realize the abuses that they were suffering and woke up to speak up to the government about their rights.

Even though this exhausting pursuit for equal rights was not easy many more people stood up for what they felt was right. The speeches that these people gave made many people search for the truth. Many more opposed to give equal rights to the ones that didn't have them. In conclusion the American Revolution woke up a...

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