Ap Nsl

Ap Nsl

Chapter 19 Social Welfare/Wilson 13th edition

Madison’s v. Hamilton’s views on the “general welfare”

Helvering v. Davis

The THEN v. NOW view of social welfare (include the years and programs mentioned)

Landmark cases:

United States v. Butler (1936)

South Dakota v. Dale (1987)

1. | What does it mean to have a “means test” for a program? Identify the two different types of programs. What is the difference between majoritarian and client politics within these programs?How does the difference between the two programs impact the government?Outline the changing politics of Health Care (majoritarian, client politics, interest group politics, policy entrepreneurs) |
2. | What is the political difference between programs like Social Security or Medicare and Aid to Families with Dependent Children that make the latter easier to reform? Outline the initial intent of the AFDC and how it has changed over the past 30 years. |
3. | Identify the 4 factors of social welfare programs in the U.S. affect that make it different than other nations. Include specific examples for each (include the differences of other countries in your answer). “deserving poor” v. “fair share” v. redistributionLate in history…discuss other countries in your answerFederalismGrants, etc. Charitable choice2001Between 2002-03Outline the history of Welfare programs. Define all bolded words in your outline. * 1929 * 1932 * 1935 * 1958-1975 * 1964-65 * 1996 * 2010Outline what is going to happen to the Social Security program…what does President Obama plans include?Identify Paul Ryan’s plan for reforming Social Security |
4. | Study the chart on p521 and be sure that you are familiar with Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, TANF, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and the Earned Income Tax Credit (define each). * Define of the all bold words and provide examples of each on page 522. |
5. | * What are the three possible solutions for reforming Social Security? |
6. |...

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