Ap Us English

Ap Us English

Earth Science 2-3 Alex Rothenberg
Lab 9 Dec. 10, 2006
Specific Heat

Lab partners:
Scott Winkoff

To calculate the specific heat of an unknown metal, and using that property, identify it.

calorimeter with lid, thermometer, graduated cylinder, hot plate, water, beaker, tongs, clock or stopwatch, unknown metals, triple-beam balance.

Safety precautions:
Do not put hands on hot plate.

Heat metal samples to 100ºC, by using hot plate with beakers of water.
Pour 250ml of tap water into the calorimeter.
Insert thermometer into calorimeter top, and record the initial temperature of the tap water.
Remove a heated metal sample from the beaker and add it to the calorimeter.
Replace calorimeter lid and began timing.
Record temperature of water every 30 seconds.
When the temperature of the thermometer has topped changing temperature, empty the calorimeter, and dry the metal sample.
Record the mass of the metal sample.
Repeat procedure if necessary.
Return all of the equipment used,


Water Metal

Mass= 250g Mass= 46.3g
Delta T= 4ºC Delta T= 80ºC
Cp= 1 cal/g ºC Cp= Cp

1. (250g)(4ºC)(1 cal/g ºC)=(46.3g)(80ºC)(Cp)

1,000cal = 3704Cal/gºC =0.27 Cal/g ºC
3704Cal/gºC 3704 Cal/g ºC

2. Unknown metal= Aluminum

3. Deviation % = difference from accepted value x100
Accepted value

Deviation %= 0.27Cal/gºC -...

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