After Zeus Apollo is said to be the most powerful of the Olympian gods. He is referred to as the god of youth, music, poetry, and oracles. During the Hellenic age he was also called the god of healing and purity.

Apollo's Father is Zeus and his mother is Leto. He has a twin sister named Artemis and he had a son named Asclepias to his wife the nymph Coronis. Apollo also had another son with the muse Calliope named Orpheus. Asclepias would later be known as the god of healing.

Apollo was born on the island of Delos, where his mother fled to escape the wrath of Hera. From Birth Apollo was proficient in the use of sun shafts, his deadly invisible arrows, which he hurled against his enemies. One of his earliest battles was killing The Python a monstrous serpent at a very young age that guarded the oracle. Apollo also killed the three Cyclopes for having forged thunderbolts used by Zeus to kill Asclepias. As a punishment Zeus made Apollo a servant of a mortal for a year. Apollo also created a storm on the Corinthian Sea, then appeared in the form of a dolphin and led a ship in distress safely to the shore. There he transformed himself into a brilliant star and guided the mariners to Delphi were the mariners founded on of the greatest shines of the ancient world.

As Apollo's followers grew he became know as the god o Spiritual light and worshiped as the averter of evil and the protector of orderliness, simplicity, purity, and reasonableness. In homers Novel the Iliad Apollo took the Trojans side of the war and rained arrows down on the Greek encampments. Apollo is also of said to of guided Paris's arrow into Achilles heel.

According to Greek mythology Apollo was a very vengeful. On one occasion There was a satyr named Marsyas that challenged Apollo to a music contest. When Marsyas lost Apollo had him flayed alive. In his memory, the blood and tears of Marsyas and his friends formed a river...

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