Appendix B Week 2 Day 5 It 205n

Appendix B Week 2 Day 5 It 205n

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Axia College Material
Appendix B

Personal Computer Hardware Matrix

Function of
Device Category
Category Reasoning
The keyboard allows a user to enter text, numbers, and simple commands, such as delete.
The keyboard is an input device because it allows the user to send data directly to the computer.
The mouse is a pointer device that allows the user to interact with programs and data on the computer screen.
The mouse is also an input device because it lets you interact with the information on the computer by moving a pointer device and the signal is sent into the computer
2.External Hard drive
A external hard drive is a device that is hooked to your computer for things such as extra storage or even data that you want to be stored and take with you. It works better then a flash drive as it can hold a lot more data because you can get them in various sizes to meet your needs
Secondary Storage
The external hard drive is a secondary storage device because it is separate from the computer you can store your data and programs on it and take it anywhere you need to go.
Speakers allow users to listen to a variety of different things on their computer from music to audio documents and much more.
The speakers are an output because it allows sound to be projected from the computer for a variety of things.
The monitor being the main output device allows the user to view and interact with everything that is happening on their computer
Main Output
The monitor is the main output device because it displays all the data and programs so that you are able to interact with the computer itself.
The Printer allows users to print out many different documents from their computer. Some are even equipped with scanners so they may scan papers and documents into their computer
The printer is a output device because you send information out from the...

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