Apple Case Study 1

Apple Case Study 1

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Apple, Inc. Case Study
AMBA 640
Mark A. Williams

Executive Summary

A little over ten years ago the company that we know today as Apple the magnificent was facing the possibility of bankruptcy. By reshuffling their cards, the company was able to grow the business as their slogan goes by “Thinking Different” or leveraging their unique ability to design and develop their own operating system, hardware and software. The name Apple has become synonymous with the words unique, quality and self. By creating their own identity and allowing the user to create their own identity through the development of software application and accessories, Apple was able to grow a base of several million loyal followers. In this case study, I will analyze the steps taken by Apple to become the success it is today by facing the many challenges, identifying the alternative direction taken, their competitive advantage within the market place and review some potential opportunity that may aide in helping Apple maintain their superiority into future. In addition, I will also examine Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model as it relates to Apple’s line of products and services. While Apple has remained at the top of their game, competition continues to grow fiercer every waking day. Companies are uniting and putting their minds together in an effort to reap the success that Apple is currently experiencing. So, in an effort to maintain this level of success Apple has continued to leave little room to the imagination and has become that diamond in the rough.


When it comes to the introduction of a new product, what is more profound than having the world on their tip e’ toes waiting for the release of the new word of mouth product. This is what Apple has achieved. From a company that began in a garage back in 1976, to become one of the most revolutionary technological companies of our time. It was the...

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