Application of Density

Application of Density

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´╗┐Density and Its Applications

Formula of Density-

-Solids are usually hard and strong compared to liquids and gasses.
-This makes solids suitable for constructing buildings, bridges and vehicles.
-Iron is used to make bridges while wood is used to build houses and furnitures.
-Rubber and plastic are flexible. They are used to make hoses and wire coverings.
-Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is a type of plastic that can be used to make some pipes.

-The fluidity of liquid and the fact that they can take the shape of their containers are useful when manufacturing items such such as plastic goods.
-Solid plastic which is melted into liquid, is poured into specifically-shaped containers or moulds.
-As the liquid cools, it turns into solid following the shape of the moulds. This allows us to manufacture many useful items.

-Gases can be liquefied under high pressure to be stored in gas gas cylinders. They are named as liquefied natural gas (LNG).
-Storing gases in liquid form allows us to save space and they are easier to be transported. Example: Cooking gases.
-Gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and hydrgen are also stored in cylinders. These cylinders are transported to hospitals, schools and factories.
-Air can be pumped into bicycle tyres or wheels as air is easily compressed.

-Aluminium can be used to make the body of aircrafts because it is light and strong.

Sinking and Floating of Submarines
-A submarine will sink into the deep sea when its ballast tanks are filled with sea water.
-The submarine will rise to the surface of the sea when its ballast tanks is removed.

Killing Mosquito Larvae
-An insecticide is sprayed on surface of stagnant water.
-Mosquito larvae in the water will die because the insecticide which floats on the water will cut off their air supply.

Meteorological and Hot-Air Balloons
-Helium is less dense than the air and floats in the atmosphere. It is used to fill...

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