Applications based Global Southeast Asia Propylene Market 2020

Applications based Global Southeast Asia Propylene Market 2020

Propylene, also known as propene is one of the major products in the petrochemical industry. Propylene is typically obtained by two methods: either as a co-product of the refinery catalytic cracking process used to make gasoline or as a co-product of the steam cracking process used to make ethylene. There are also a number of technologies for making propylene directly from other feedstock. The most common of these on-purpose process routes are propane dehydrogenation and metathesis. Southeast Asia Propylene Market is detailed in this report.
In Southeast Asia Propylene Market, Propylene is used in the production of polypropylene, acrylonitrile, propylene glycols, cumene, butyraldehydes, acrolein etc. Propylene glycol which is the most demanded product in industry to produce different products is derived using propylene.
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Southeast Asia propylene market is segmented according to the different derivative products of propylene. 80% of the propylene in Southeast Asia is used for the production of polypropylene. Propylene market in Southeast Asia is highly dependent on the crude oil prices as it is the primary source for its production.

As the crude oil prices are often changing in nature it is creating unrest in propylene market in terms of production, demand, supply, exports and imports. In Southeast Asia propylene market, propylene is mainly produced from refineries as their byproduct through steam cracking. New on purpose technologies such as propane dehydrogenation is emerging currently in the region which converts propane to propylene suggests the market research report by IndustryARC.

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Southeast Asia Propylene Market research report by IndustryARC has a detailed report of the propylene market in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. Market size, trade...

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