Applications of Computers

Applications of Computers

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Applications of Computers
Computers have introduced many interesting and practical ways of making our life easier. The examples listed below are only an indication of how useful they are but any other applications that you may think of will surely make use of the power of computers.
• Medical diagnosis and treatment are now extensively done using computers. Medical doctors can now estimate the date of birth of babies and health status of babies during pregnancy. Other examples include treating of cancer and brain scanning.

• Manufacturing processes in industries now make use of robots that are controlled by computers to build finished products from their raw materials with very little intervention of human. Car manufacturers for instance make intensive use of robots.

• Banking services like ATMs allow us to access our accounts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to perform routine actions like making a deposit, withdrawing money and verifying accounts balance through mini statements. Additional services include mobile phones top ups whereby prepaid mobile phone accounts can be automatically credited from a given bank account.

• Communication has never been easier than now by using mobile phones. Chat and sending sms is now an integral part of our life. Modern mobile phones now enable viewing the person to whom we are speaking with.

• Entertainment such as IP television has made our life more interactive in that we can select which TV program we want to view and at what time, process known as video on demand.

• Web based applications using the Internet has brought people even closer. New businesses known as ecommerce have emerged such that a person can shop for almost anything without having to leave his house. Online applications involving much less use of paperwork such as booking for a flight, and seat reservation at the university avoids the hassle of waiting in long queues and provide for a more efficient and quick means of operation....

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