Approaches to Research

Approaches to Research

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Approaches to Research
Fd Sc in WCM, year Two.
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The first section of this report sees the author critically analyse the difference between qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. The differing concepts of phenomenology versus positivism and inductive versus deductive are highlighted. The author then proceeds with an explanation on what type of research method should be adopted depending on what subject and what data is required

The second stage of the report discusses the steps involved when carrying out a literature search and what the literature search is. Highlighting the search as a means of identifying what has been researched before on the subject the author then continues to explain the basic steps and what needs to be recorded. Following this the three different types of source are discussed, these being primary, secondary and tertiary. The section concludes with a view on validity on sources of information and what varying sources are available. Advantages and disadvantages are given of varying types of source.

Finally the report concludes with a discussion on how research has changed with the invention and use of electronic data. The computer is mentioned with reference to its increased availability to the general public and how the Internet has provided an unlimited amount of research capabilities. It is commented that the validity of the electronic sources can be questionable at times. The professional research body Mintel is also mentioned with reference to research for business use.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Quantitative and qualitative research methods are two very different methods of research that can be adopted depending on the subject that is to be researched. In simple terms quantitative research is why and how whereas quantitative is what, when and where. Quantitative research tends to focus on numerical measurements formed from such sources as graphs...

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