apush ch32 hw

apush ch32 hw

Chapter 32 Homework
Jordan Hicks
period 4

1. Charles Hughes
Secretary of State under Harding, Proposed a 10-year moratorium on the construction of major new warships at the Washington Conference

2. Andrew Mellon
Secretary of Treasury under President Harding, Coolidge and Hoover, who instituted a Republican policy of reduced government spending, lower taxes to the wealthy and higher tariffs

3. Albert Fall
The Secretary of the Interior who accepted bribes from an oil company and started the Teapot Dome Scandal.

4. Harry Daugherty
Attorney General under Harding who sold illegal liquor licenses and pardons under Harding

5. John Davis
Weak, compromise Democratic candidate in 1924 against Coolidge. He was a wealthy lawyer connected with J.P. Morgan and Company. Coolidge easily defeated him.

6. Robert La Follette
Progressive Party's presidential nominee in 1924.

7. Alfred Smith
He ran for president in the 1928 election for the Democrat Party. He was known for his drinking and he lost the election to Herbert Hoover. Prohibition was one of the issues of the campaign. He was the first Roman Catholic to run for president, and it was during a time many people were prejudice toward Catholics

8. Ohio Gang
Poker-playing cronies from Harding's native state who contributed to the morally lose atmosphere in his administration.

9. Washington Conference
An international conference on the limitation of naval fleet construction begins in Washington. Under the leadership of the American Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes the representatives of the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Japan pledge not to exceed the designated sizes of their respective naval fleets.

10. Fordney-McCumber Tariff
This tariff rose the rates on imported goods in the hopes that domestic manufacturing would prosper. This prevented foreign trade, which hampered the economy since Europe could not pay its debts if it could not trade.

11. Farm Block
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